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Black Dawn Gets Its Own Website!

Their new single Shine is so inspiring that we couldn't wait for the album to build Black Dawn's own space. We literally built their website with the track playing on a loop! https://dogfacemusic.com/blackdawn/ In a time when most music has gone cold and doesn’t have much feeling or meaning for...

Dockko’s Chocolate Baby Lyrics – By Genius

(Hook), Say I’m a Chocolate Baby It’s In My DNA (DNA) Once You Get This You’ll Never Gonna Walk The Same [repeat] (Walk The Same) Once You Hit This Your Never Gonna Think The Same [repeat](Think The Same), I’m a Chocolate Baby It’s In My DNA, They Put The Rope Around My Neck But It Can’t Hang , Say...

Dockko: Artist Not To Sleep On – Quality Impact

Donnell Tucker, 29 years old from the DMV What do you do for a living? “I am a public worker, also a trash man, I am considered a essential worker.” Who are some of your biggest influences in your industry? “Some of my Influencers are Ryan Leslie, Michael Jackson, Stevie...

R.I.P. Ellis Marsalis, New Orleans Jazz Pianist and Educator Dies at 85 — Consequence of Sound — #purplerelativity

George Clinton & the P-Funk All-Stars – Full Concert – 07/23/99 – Rome, NY (OFFICIAL)

Alright, alright... Maybe we should've waited to share it under #TBT, but come on now! We came across this jewel and had to share RIGHT AWAY. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/U8-C_hcS0ek

Will Smith Curated A Mix Of Chilled Beats To Quarantine To — Phenatic