Statistics show that with every extra click, a person opts out. Plainly put, we’re just very lazy beings and we want everything given to us ready to consume with little to no effort. And we get it. So instead of you having to search for yourself new songs to add to your pop playlist, we did it for you, and we promise you’ll be ecstatic! Here are 10 songs you will want to repeatedly listen to, as curated by the B.R.E. team.

10. Church By Sill

This one was a surprise to us as Sill is majorly a rap artist but the guy got voice control and pitch-perfect. Which honestly makes him much more qualified for the pop genre than many famous faces (hi Britney!). Mind you, he also made our Top 10 Rappers List. The only artist to have snatched spots in 2 different genres on our website.

9. The One You Need By Tayiha

My oh my that mezzo-soprano voice and the way it commands the instrumental! A perfect pop song for young adults, for those in tumultuous moments of a relationship, or equally for those who’ve had enough of their soon-to-be-ex. The One You Need is a gentle bop that is fit for a road trip, a limousine ride in the city, and girls’ night out!

8. Wake Up By Brandon Jones(B)

While it does carry a very serious message, Wake Up leans proudly towards radio sound, not being too dark or too slow. It’s actually quite damn perfect for a song to chill to on your way to work or… when you are angry at life. Suave vocals, perfect mix, powerful drums, and more meaning than a TedX talk, Wake Up will be your new favorite soul-pop song.

7. Favorite Friend By Hunter Root

Easily infectious and highly enjoyable, Favorite Friend is a stellar acoustic pop record that will have you going back to it every time you need to escape this weird reality. Cause let’s face it… The global lockdown made the real world harder to understand than your wildest dreams. So a pretty painted tree with a blue bird in it, and a golden-haired guy playing his guitar, feels like what normal is supposed to be. Enjoy!

6. Dancing With a Demon by Tom Gorsich ft. Jason Brownlow

For lovers of classic pop records, THIS is for you. Fast-paced and with lovely retro style production, highly engaging, and insanely catchy lyrics, Dancing With A Demon will become a staple pop song in your playlist. Guaranteed.

5. My Time By Luiza Nis

Dark pop at its best… No one does it better than the incredible Luiza Nis all the way from Brasil, but who’s rapidly gaining momentum and a loyal international fanbase. I mean… Lana Del Rey did her thing then went crazy on Twitter and disappointed everyone so there’s a huge gap left in the market. With airy but stable vocals, spotless arrangements, moods through and through, Luiza, please come and take your rightful place!

4. Same Old 2 Step By Gasner The Artist

We get it if Taylor Swift never made an impression on you. We do. Too much drama. But Gasner The Artist makes country-pop sound like it belongs right there in your phone since yesterday! Gorgeous vocals with a catchy hook, Same Old 2 Step is an outstanding melodic composition that will entertain you for weeks!

3. Chocolate Baby By Dockko

You ever heard of Jazz Pop? Probably the best thing we’ve heard musically since the strong ’80s comeback in 2020. Chocolate Baby got all the good stuff you could possibly dream of: high quality organic instrumental, soulful vocals, playful lyrics, and a charm that infiltrates your brain instantaneously. You are going to be hooked! Proceed with caution!

2. Let Go By Dan Millward x Real Hypha x Amindo

Some would call this a dance-EDM-ish track, but… compared to everything out there right now, this easily fits as modern pop. It’s a track that will have you feeling all kinds of ways, nostalgic if you just broke up, optimistic if you’re in the initial dating phase, grateful if you got a good one to hold on to. And those damn vocals!!! It should be illegal for a man to have such a charming voice. And don’t even get us started on the production. An undeniable topper.

1. Align By Shilpa Ananth

Avant-Pop like you’ve never heard it before. Floating through cosmos, ethereal vocals, alto at that, which we absolutely adore, and tinges of deep art with every verse, Shilpa Ananth is creating an entire lane of her own and being noticed by major publications while doing so. So flawless that we sincerely can not point out a single thing that could have been done better. Untouchable and undeniably deserving of the number one spot.

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