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Premiere: Jodie Jay “Dream Party”

What would you expect to find at a dream party? There would be dancing, surely – beautiful people in motion. There’d be great music. Through decoration and creative illumination, an ordinary place might be transformed into somewhere magical. Most of all, there’d be romance. Jodie Jay is throwing a party...

About Dockko

Feeling comfortable in your skin and owning who you are is something that doesn't come easy to many people. It takes a while to figure out, no matter who you are or what you do. When that feeling finally does happen, it's a beautiful and freeing thing. Donnell Tucker, aka...

About Jerrica White

Being vulnerable and wearing your heart on your sleeve doesn't come easy. It's even more difficult when you have to be vulnerable and honest with a loved one or significant other. If there is one artist who understands that, it's Jerrica White.

About Jodie Jay

Jodie Jay from The Washington Metropolitan Area is your uplifting yet commercially sounding Pop-R&B alternative to mainstream music.

Congrats Dockko, black dawn and VIP Recording’s “Red Devil” compilation for ranking #25 on Billboard!

VIP Recordings’ “Red Devil” Compilation also debuted #13 on the iTunes Hip-Hop Album Chart. It features some of the best independent Hip-hop and Pop artists in the music industry. Hybrid styles of powerhouse independent Hip-hop artists and the notorious Pop/R&B artists headline this powerful mixture of musical styles on this...


INTRO R BIOGRAPHY  NITRO R brings a unique sound to the industry. You can feel his Latin roots from Ballads, through Regaetton to Hip-Hop. His music takes you through his journey in life. Broken hearts, joy, struggle, hope. It doesn’t matter your genre of choice, NITRO R will bring you into his...