Shine Yo Light by Black Dawn, an Irresistible Chill-Hop Jam

Today is a good day. No, today is an awesome day ’cause we got the honor to cover a most extraordinary chill-hop song, Shine Yo Light by Black Dawn. This song feels like a breezy walk on a beach while the rest of the world is being displayed in slow-motion far in the distance. This song will please even the pickiest of audiophiles. Shine Yo Light will have your fears set at rest and its melodic atmosphere will help the concentration of your thoughts on a better today.

The first seconds of the song are almost hypnotizing with the acoustic guitar having you feel like you’ve just walked right into a studio session on the beach. The suave, perfectly balanced drums along with the groovy bass warmly greet you and invite you deeper in. It’s a mesh of several different music eras and attitudes. You definitely hear the tranquil jazzy notes but you also feel that tint of swag that gives you enough self-confidence to bob your head to the rhythm. And all of this before we even got to hear any voices. Just wow.

Shortly after, we’re allured by the soul voice that steals the show: “Brothers getting killed special ops/ Lil homie don’t know his popsEveryday another body dropsDirty cops, when does it stop. Hey” – say whaaaaat?? I would have never guessed in a million years this song was going to touch this subject. Which quickly reminds us of the majestic power music contains in itself. The power to talk about heavy matters in a light way. In a way that might actually be easier to digest by opposing minds. Black Dawn have performed music magic at Hogwarts level in creating Shine Yo Light. This is otherworldly.

The lyrics then go to focus on the spiritual side we’re all carrying inside of us, encouraging the listener to showcase it through positivity: “Don’t know where you wanna go/ Don’t know what you wanna do/ There’s one thing I know/ There’s a light that shines inside of you/ Now we gotta take it to the top.” Let’s give due credit to those incredible vocals belonging to Slick, as he’s continuously exceeding all expectations. Black Dawn is a band that has the caliber to sell out stadiums. If Bruno Mars could do it, so can Black Dawn. The same audience that received Bruno with open arms, will also embrace this musical blend of funk-jazz-hip hop. It’s just too good to pass on. Even for mainstream aficionados.

And that hook… “You have to shine your light for the world to see/ Because it’s time to rise, It’s your destiny/ This world is dark and times are hard/ So, you have to shine your light.” I’m ready to throw my money at the screen. I want to go to a Black Dawn concert and sing along this soulful chorus with my hands up in the air and maybe even learn Apacolips’s rap verse so I can be the baddest fan to shock the crowd with lines like “Up through the 90s, the gun toting and the crack babies, no escaping the darkness/ Look, so get low with it. Because the lower you go with it; that’s show business.” My words of admiration can not possibly do justice to this timeless song. Just listen to it and you’ll get what I’m saying.


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