This is exciting as we’ve been waiting a long time to get our hands on an artist good enough to write about whose main body of work doesn’t rely on English. Open this link in a new tab, hit play and enjoy the show as Nitro R is a Hispanic roll of thunder, high quality music, melodic vocals, and sentimental lyrics. There’s a reason Billboard now introduced Global 200 as their newest chart. Artists like Nitro R are the very backbone of such monumental shifts in the music industry. His upcoming EP, V2, comprises the singer’s characteristic upbeat energy melded with romantic Reggaeton vibes.

1. Dominao V2

The intro airy bells amalgamated with the electro synth, let the audience in on the upcoming atmosphere: light, fun, with a dash of nitroglycerine. And yes, the name is based off the chemical compound but the record DOES feel like it once you hear Nitro R’s voice leading the composition: “Mami tú me tienes dominado/ Si esto fuera un juego tú me lo tienes ganado/ Te quiero ver right now/ Tú y yo nos vemos lindos combinados/ No quiero que te vayas de mi lado.” Nitro R’s voice is a firm baritone leaning into the bass register which adds weight to the narrative. It’s actually refreshing hearing a man saying “I don’t want you to leave my side” as the other end of the mainstream pop spectrum reeks with thotism. Yeah, we made up our own word 😀

As Nitro R plunges into unapologetically professing his love for the mystery lady, the music locks the Reggaeton Romantico into the heart of the listener making it a record flexible enough to rock to when partying and equally for kicking it back while driving in your car. We gotta credit the smooth drums, the house synth granting Dominao V2 the IT factor, and the flawless mix and master. Notice how in the second verse Nitro R dabs in soft rap thus diversifying the pattern as to keep the audience engaged and entertained: “Mami tú eres lo que anhelo/ Tus lindos ojos me suben al cielo/ Tus labios son dos dulces caramelos/ Más tú eres mi modelo/ Contigo cuando sea me desvelo/ Y te hago el amor en el mismo suelo.

This is good music. So good that you’ll warm to it even if Reggaeton is not your usual go-to genre.

Song Credits: Nitro R(Ramon Ariel Alvarado) – Vocalist, Writer; Wilson P – Producer, Engineer; Leroy Holden – Executive Producer; Agustin Ramos – Artwork

2. Si Tú No Estás

We were able to pull the lyric video for Si Tú No Estás so one for Blue Rhymez Ent.! “La miré, me miró, sonreí, sonrió/ Ella y yo solos en mi habitación/ Desde que la toqué y su cuerpo besé/ Su aroma se fundió en mi piel” – sounds like a nice continuation to Despacito! Here’s the thing: flirtatious lyrics will always have a warm seat at the table for they’re hitting an insanely large audience of hopelessly romantic girls and women alike.

As you’ve noticed, Si Tú No Estás kicks off with a much more tranquil buildup than Dominao V2. An accurate representation for what’s about to happen later on. Lyrically that is. The musical lead belongs this time to a distant acoustic guitar, heavier drums, thicker synth, and overall a more sombre tonality of both voice and instruments. This ability to transpose words to feelings is one that will garner Nitro R plenty of admiration from his fans and respect from his peers.

The moment of plot unraveling comes right around here: “A un mundo lleno de placer/ A un mundo que sólo yo puedo entender/ Pero ya no eres mi mujer/ Dime que puedo hacer yo.” For those that don’t speak Spanish, Nitro R dropped a bomb on the audience revealing that his love interest is not his woman anymore. ¡Ay, caramba!

Despite the gravitas and sad plot twist, Si Tú No Estás is one strong earworm contender of the V2 EP. 

Song Credits: Nitro R(Ramon Ariel Alvarado) – Vocalist, Writer; La Nota- Producer, Engineer; Leroy Holden – Executive Producer; Agustin Ramos – Artwork

3. He Buscado

Seems like the said relationship keeps taking nasty turns. In He Buscado, which translates as I’ve searched, Nitro R speaks about having searched for his woman in other beds, in other bodies, but to no avail. Realizing how the love of his life is irreplaceable. Safe to say, this record will ironically make a lot of ladies who’re secretely wishing for their exes to miss them – happy.

The chorus is one, long, sticky sequence that is beautiful and super replayable. For some reason, He Buscado feels like the most natural ambient for Nitro R. It’s faster paced than the first 2 records and we LOVE the rap parts. He should be applying more of this rap-on-the-verse-singing-on-the-chorus formula. This is officially Blue Rhymez Entertainment’s favorite song off V2. A commercial success waiting to happen.

Speaking of, get to know more about Nitro R from his own words: “I was born in The Dominican Republic in 1991, with racing in my blood. From a young age, I was fascinated with fast cars and because of this, my friends started calling me Nitro R. I became passionate about music and especially Reggaeton when I first heard it playing on the radio at the age of 8. I idolized Daddy Yankee while growing up, as he was one of the pioneers of Reggaeton music. I started freestyle rapping at 17 and recorded my first song at 22. My main music genres are Dembow, Reggaeton and Latin Trap. I enjoy living a calm life and always put God first.” – funny he should say living a calm life ’cause we peeped that vibe from the get go. He always keeps this steady timbre in his voice whether the lyrics are happy, sad, remorseful, fun. How do you do it???

Song Credits: Nitro R(Ramon Ariel Alvarado) – Vocalist, Writer; +Luiyitox – Producer, Engineer; Leroy Holden – Executive Producer; Agustin Ramos – Artwork

4. Así Es Mi Vida

Think of I like it by Cardi B in lo-fi quality without the trumpets. That’s putting Así Es Mi Vida in simplistic terms. In more defined details, the clap pattern strongly reminds us of it. Plus the large room sounding vocals. The production styles are similar but Así Es Mi Vida is more stripped down.

Contextually wise, the record makes all the sense in the world as it reverts the attention of the audience from the love interest to the man of the hour: Nitro R. He sing-raps about his friends, his ideologies, his ways of partying, his passion for doing things. Definitely the calm life in effect.

Song Credits: Nitro R(Ramon Ariel Alvarado) – Vocalist, Writer; Leroy Holden – Producer, Executive Producer; Agustin Ramos – Artwork

V2 is an EP in accord with the global demand for Latin Trap and Nitro R is a heavyweight artist that can be deemed as a triple threat: he can rap, he can sing, and most of all, he can actually write good plots.

We’re extatic to have Nitro R as the first Hispanic artist to cover on Blue Rhymez Entertainment and with that being said, big thanks to Dogface Records for having made this review happen. 

Streaming Links To Be Added On Release Day, Feb 12th, 2021.

Review by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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