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Shine Yo Light by Black Dawn, an Irresistible Chill-Hop Jam

Today is a good day. No, today is an awesome day ’cause we got the honor to cover a most extraordinary chill-hop song, Shine Yo Light by Black Dawn. This song feels like a breezy walk on a beach while the rest of the world is being displayed in slow-motion far in...

black dawn: New Video “Shine Yo Light” and YouTube Channel!

Make sure to connect with B6/D# @ their new YouTube Channel and watch their new video Shine Yo Light! You can also visit their website to Sneak Peek the album Shine releasing soon: https://dogfacemusic.com/blackdawn/ https://youtu.be/7ydFzz8SG3s

Black Dawn Gets Its Own Website!

Their new single Shine is so inspiring that we couldn't wait for the album to build Black Dawn's own space. We literally built their website with the track playing on a loop! https://dogfacemusic.com/blackdawn/ In a time when most music has gone cold and doesn’t have much feeling or meaning for...