The DogPound finds bigger Shelter!

We wanted to share this news with fans, followers, family, friends, and those who are a DogPound Team Member or have worked with the DogPound Team. Yes, the logo next to ours does represent something. 

DogFace Entertainment LLC a/k/a DogFace Records has just gone into a 3yr agreement with Sony Music Entertainment for all Artists signed with Dogface Records.

Sony Music Entertainment will now distribute, help promote and market all music of DogFace Records, including old and new projects.

DockkoBlack Dawn, Nitro RLithuan Project, and MikeStrike will be released early next year under Sony Music. You can learn more about our Artists and their music here:

We want to thank everyone who helped us get here. Whether you are a part of the team or just a family member, or a friend, thank you for your support and help. This is a great milestone for us. We humbly salute each one of you.