Year of the Twos: 22 Questions With Local Nashville Rapper 2’Live Bre

By Paul Howard @ Music Mecca

Two is the magic number.

At least it seems to be for young up and coming Nashville hip hop artist 2’Live Bre, who is twenty-two years old and expecting big things in the year 2020. So we figured it’d only be fitting to ask him 22 questions to keep the lucky numbers rolling.

2’Live Bre was born and raised in Music City, and found a deep-rooted love for words, rhyming, and music in his formative years. He’s hit the ground running in his budding career, as he’s already shared stages with artists like Migos, Yo Gotti, Young Thug, and has made multiple music videos amassing hundreds of thousands of views collectively. In 2019, he signed with Boulevard Records, and will be busy recording new songs and hitting the road going into this new year. But quite possibly what he’s most excited about, is graduating from TSU (Tennessee State University) this May.

It was very inspiring talking to 2’Live, as he spoke with much passion, excitement, and positivity. He displayed a gratefulness for everybody who’s helped him along in his young career, and his overall optimism and lust for life was contagious. It’s no surprise he’s already seeing success in what he’s doing.

So without further adieu, we present to you, twenty-two questions 2’Live was kind enough to do.

What’s your real name? Breion Terrence Dixon from Nashville, Tennessee. Born and raised.

How old are you? I’m 22.

Describe yourself in three words: 2 Live, (laughs) honest, and The People’s Champ.

Is it true Barney got you into rapping? My mom’s answer is that, but music was always my best friend. I didn’t really have anybody to talk to when I was little because my mom and dad were full time workers, and my grandma was raising me. So I would just write. Music came from writing stories and journals, and ended up being rhymes.

Your top three artists going into 2020: Number one I gotta give it to Kevin Gates. He’s been inspiring me lately. Drake for his moves, and always Kanye West for his courage to step out and do something different.

You’ve just cashed a check for $1 million. First thing you do is: Pay off my student loans. (laughs) Then I’m gonna…oh hold on that’s the only question you asked me. I’m a story guy…I’ll save most of it, but definitely build out my brand a little more. 2 Live clothing and a club called 2 Live Tuesdays in my hometown. Trying to keep more than half. I ain’t spendin’ it on no clothes and cars. 10% of it I would try to give back somehow. Something to motivate the youth and people who are following me.

If you could open for any artist alive or dead, it’d be: Ooo, alive or dead? Okay man. (laughs) Tupac and Nipsey bro. I would’ve loved to open for them. I love the influence they had on the people. For now, I wish I could go on tour with Rae Sremmurd, DaBaby, or maybe Post Malone.

If you could have a drink with any current artist, it’d be: Jay-Z because I want to steal his knowledge. (laughs)

Favorite Thing About Nashville Other Than Music: My favorite thing about Nashville is the food here. But then at the same time I love Jefferson Street. I know that’s two different things, but because of the culture there. I know that may be a weird answer.

Favorite Place to Eat in Nashville: You’re gonna get me in trouble…I’m gonna say Slim & Husky’s. Also gotta go with Helen’s. Um um um let me think. If you ain’t never had um…ahhh! It’s where we use to have all the parties here. Oh my Gosh I can’t think of it…I might text you about it later.

Favorite TV Show: My favorite TV show is Martin and Proud Family because it makes me feel like a kid again. I’m watching it on Disney+.

Favorite Movie: Favorite movie? Dang. I love The Avengers. I know that’s newer, so a lot of people might be like that’s too new, in which case I’d go with Friday. (laughs)

Pet peeve: I just don’t like negativity. I don’t deal with it around me. If you have positive people around you, you’ll be able to do great things in life. If you have any hint of negative energy around me I will delete you from my world and you will be in someone else’s world.

If you could have any super power, it’d be: I’m stealing all of Spiderman’s powers. Real talk. I wouldn’t want to fly because I feel like I’d wreck. I just want to be able to shoot webs at buildings to get where I’m going.

Top three albums on a desert island: Ooo okay. Carter III by Lil Wayne. You gave me a hard one…Gotta do Jay Z’s Blueprint so you can get some knowledge, and College Dropout by Kanye West.

If you weren’t a musician, you’d be: That’s a good question, I never thought of that. I never had a Plan B. I would like to be some kind of media guy. Somebody in the entertainment industry. It influences people, and keeps them entertained.

Would you rather fight Floyd Mayweather or Connor McGregor? Aw snap- neither one. I want Mayweather. I think I could beat up Mayweather. If he wants to play defense I’ll play defense too. Make it to Round 12.

Would you rather spend an evening with Ariana Grande or Rihanna? Rihanna definitely. She’s a big crush, I don’t know why. I think it’s the tattoos.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, it’d be: Spaghetti. Because I love spaghetti. It’s my favorite food.

Something people don’t know about you: Something people probably don’t know about me, is that I’m not around a lot of people most of my day. It’s probably not a cool answer, but I keep to myself a lot.

Something you love to do other than make music: I love to watch movies at the movie theater in 4D. But it HAS to be in 4D. (I initially thought he said go to the movies with a FORTY as in beer) My favorite drink is Crown, and that may be something they don’t know about me.

Lastly, can you tell folks what you’ve got going on: Man 2020 is going to be a big year. I’m going on tour with Struggle Jennings, I’ll be at SXSW in March, and back on the road in the summer time. I graduate in May, so everybody who has supported my career, I would love for y’all to be at Tennessee State University. Y’all can come to the after party at the crib. (laughs) I mean it though, everybody who’s supported me I really appreciate it. It’s going to be a big year in every situation, and just trying to top last year. It’s going to be a blessing.

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