1. Chocolate Baby Dockko 3:21
  2. Bust Down Test Track Dockko 4:00
  3. Why Dockko 3:31
  4. Work Sum Twerk Sum Dockko 3:03
  5. Tonight w_Ice Dockko 4:45
  6. Love Jones Dockko 3:08
  7. Lost Soul Dockko 4:10
  8. Freak Tip Ft. Indari Mahalo Dockko 4:00
  9. Face 4:03
  10. Day One Dockko 3:53
Ride My Wave

About Us

Dockko is a self-taught classical musician, who has talent in a wide range of instruments, from piano, percussion and string instruments. He took these self-taught talent into the studio where he has become a phenomenal producer and artist. There is just another hidden talent that Dockko possesses: the ability to listen to music and create a song without first thinking of a concept, without a paper open. Dockko usually records all of his music in one take.

“I am not looking for a handout, I just want a fair chance to be heard“.