Dockko playing in Africa’s Bakus Radio Station

Here is an International Radio Station you can hear Dockko's Music. Chocolate Baby, Freak Tip, Day One, and Love Jones are in rotation here at this international radio station. Between...

Elohim by Dockko Available on Amazon Music

You can now stream on Amazon Music.

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Elohim Videos Now on YouTube

You can access all videos @ DogFace Records Youtube Channel. We leave you with Love Jones by Dockko. https://youtu.be/WLHpz-6sCeY

Elohim by Dockko available on Spotify

The album is available on Spotify under Elohim. Depending on who you use for your music service, search for Dockko or Elohim by Doccko. https://open.spotify.com/album/3Dh9V7lHpWK302XV1Yu3Tb

Elohim by Dockko available on iTunes & Apple Music

You can now buy or stream on iTunes and Apple Music.
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