Jodie Jay

Seventeen year old budding recording artist, Jodie Jay (Jodie L. White) is a singer, songwriter and dancer out of Upper Marlboro, Maryland by way of Alexandria, VA.

Jodie Jay’s first love was dancing. However, growing up with a mom, dad and stepdad as professional musicians/performers, it was hard for her not to develop a strong connection with singing and songwriting as well. Jodie Jay began singing and performing with her two sisters at the age of seven and wrote her first song at the age of ten. She has always been referred to as having an “old soul” and most would agree that her style certainly gives off the essence of nostalgia.

Growing up, her musical influences were the late Michael Jackson, Aaliyah, Left Eye, Tupac and James Brown. Born on the same day as the late star, Jodie Jay states Michael Jackson was her biggest influence as she feels the connection is spiritual as well as musical.

Looking ahead, Jodie Jay’s future goals are to be known and loved worldwide and to touch many souls through her music.

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