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black dawn

In a time when most music has gone cold and doesn’t have much feeling or meaning for many anymore, Black Dawn emerges from the shadows as the perfect alternative for a fresh new vibe.

These two blood brothers, Thomas “2Slick” Lea Jr. and Micheal “Apacolips” Muhammad, honed their skills in different bands growing up in Washington, DC and PG County, Maryland. Go Go music was an early influence that helped mold and create their unique, energetic, and infectious groove.

With experience in many styles, a captivating vibration and a longing for world peace, love and unity, Black Dawn will arrive soon to brighten your horizon.

Thomas “2Slick” Lea Jr. & Micheal “Apacolips” Muhammad

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NITRO R brings a unique sound to the industry. You can feel his Latin roots from Ballads, through Regaetton to Hip-Hop. His music takes you through his journey in life. Broken hearts, joy, struggle, hope…

It doesn’t matter your genre of choice, NITRO R will bring you into his world in every song. It doesn’t matter if you are not one to hit the floor dancing, his beat will make your heart pump, your body move and your soul dance.


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Indari Mahalo

A new sound is coming to town. Fresh and smooth, Indari’s voice has captivated us since the moment we listened to her for the first time. We couldn’t wait until the release of her first album, so we had Dockko feature a song with Indari.

You can listen to Freak Tip (featuring Indari Mahalo) by Dockko or watch the video while you wait for Indari Mahalo’s first album release.

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